Tuesday, 29 July 2014


We've been back in the US for a couple weeks now, and India feels very far away. Things we're loving: avocados, In-N-Out, sushi, the ability to wear shorts. Seeing family and friends. Drinking water straight from the tap! Nice wine!

Here are some of the black and white photos that didn't make it into the book. They're in no particular order!
Dharavi Slum, Mumbai

Singhvi's Haveli, Jodhpur

Is That Really The Safest Way To Transport Eggs? Mumbai.

Carrots. Mumbai.

I thought these were open graves at first (walking through the forest alone was quite an eerie experience) but someone informed me they had been dug to prevent landslides in the monsoon. Near Gokarna, Karnataka.

Happy herb vendor, Karnataka.

Darjeeling Street Musicians.

Darjeeling Mother And Son. (She didn't seem pleased with me taking a picture).

Cool As A Cucumber, Darjeeling.

Afternoon on Havelock Island. 
(This game is harder than it looks, I challenged quite a few locals but never won).

On the Tracks. Agra Train Station.

Our Guides at Periyar National Park, Kerala.

Six! Havelock Island.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata.

Chai and Teracotta Cups, Kolkata.

Palm Tree, Havelock Island.

Crinkly leaves, Auroville.

Cashew Harvest. (This cheeky little boy was not wearing any trousers. In his hand is a cashew fruit which he was helping his dad harvest in the woods of Auroville).

View From The Bridge, Dharavi Slum, Mumbai.

Naptime, Mumbai.

Sunday Cricket, Oval Maidan, Mumbai.

UDF Rally, Kumily.

Papaya. Sivananda Ashram, Tamil Nadu.

Singalila Leaves, West Bengal.

Young Jockey. Singalila Trek.

Road Construction Worker, Kerala.

Lauren on a Train.

Victoria Train Station, Mumbai.

Peacock Wall, Jaipur.

Elephanta Island Monkeys.

Boys Holding Hands, Amber Fort, Jaipur. 
(This is a common sight in India. Boys and men seem much more affectionate to each other than with girls or women).

Making The Bed, Mumbai.

River/Waste Disposal, Dharavi, Mumbai.

Little Lemons. Street Stall.

Approaching Kolkata.

Huts/Hotel, Approaching Kolkata.


Boarding Time.

He tried to sell me this dog.

Sign in Gurgaon Railway Station.

What Lovely Locks You Have.

Agra Train Station.

Happy Baby, Agra Train Station.

Jaipur Painted Elephant.

Clearing the Landslide. En Route To Spiti.

Cricket Commentary Box, Pin Valley.

Pin Valley.

Pin Valley.

World's Highest Petrol Pump.

Young Buddhist Monks.

Monastery Doors, Kaza.

Door Knob, Monastery, Kaza.

Fashion Shoot, Virajpet.

Himalayan Griffin, Spiti Valley. (This bird was massive).

Horse and Cart, Jodhpur.

Lauren and Splendour, Auroville.

Cycle Rickshaw Driver, Agra.

Wazzo Tank, Next to the Taj Mahal.

Orange Cart, Old Delhi.

Pyramid Yoga, Delhi.

Old Delhi Shadows.

Taking A Load Off, Old Delhi.

Slide, Old Delhi.                     

Thanks for reading these past few months. Farewell!

All images copyright © Hamish Jackson, 2014.